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Every day roughly 313 people are shot in the United States. 92 percent are parents. We can help give children back some of what has been taken from them.


Do you or someone you know have a child affected by the loss of a parent or guardian due to gun violence? Sign them up today to become a JGP Kid were healthy grieving is first.

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At JGP we are always looking for ways to expand our reach in order to help more children who are dealing with grief. Join us today and help bring more smiles to our JGP Kids faces.

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Important NEWS from JGP


We are excited to announce our very 1st Fundraiser! We will be hosting a dodge ball tournament which will raise money to help children practice healthy grieving, get prepared for back to school, along with sending JGP Kids who lost a parent during COVID-19 to Mourning Camp.


Our JGP T-shirts are now available to purchase. Follow the registration flow to order today.  Click the link below to register, purchase merchandise or donate.


Target:$30,000.00 Raised:$1,255.00

We change the lives of Those

who have no Hope

Grievance Counseling

We help our JGP Kids cope with the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and cognitive responses to their loss. Having available counselors is part to the solution on promoting healthy grieving.


At JGP we work hard to help those affected by loss. Financial burden is one of many areas that is affected. JGP offer clothing,school supplies and other essentials on a year round basis for our JGP Kids.


Every JGP kid will have healthy options to choose from on every visit. We also make sure to reach further out into our community and to provide that same support year round.


Volunteers are always here to help lend that extra hand.We also encourage our JGP graduates to come back and apply as well.


Jamel’s Guided Path mission is to bridge the gap between children and the parents lost to gun violence.


A world where where we promote healthy grieving

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